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EIC Systems distinguishes itself as the premier provider in the MENA regionto deliver a comprehensive range of services encompassing laboratory design, contracting, as well as top-tier offerings in operational, biosafety services. Our team possesses a unique advantage, comprising highly qualified biosafety experts and industry leaders in threat management, enabling us to seamlessly address both risk-based biosafety and threat-based biosecurity solutions. we assist you to find solutions for your latest challenges
Sadat Project BSL2- and BSL3-
Our Projects

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Sadat Project BSL2- and BSL3-

Egypt’s commitment to advancing scientific research and public health led to the establishment of a biosafety laboratory. This facility aimed to conduct critical research, diagnostics, and vaccine development, necessitating the highest level of biosafety and environmental control.
The Challenge:
Creating a biosafety lab capable of handling dangerous pathogens and safeguarding both research personnel and the environment presented a significant challenge. The Egyptian authorities were determined to meet international biosafety standards and protect against contamination risks.
Our Solution:

Protecting the Air, Securing the Future:

Our company was entrusted with ensuring the biosafety lab’s air quality control and contamination prevention. Leveraging our expertise, we designed a comprehensive solution tailored to Egypt’s unique needs

EIC Systems is the first company in MENA and Africa delivers Biosafety Labs following international standards