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Our design team can provide AutoCAD cleanroom design services for most cleanroom projects for architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines. A thorough inspection of the proposed job site is usually required and includes field measurements, identifying column locations, photographs of the important items and interferences, items to be scheduled for demolition and discussing the total CAD requirements directly with the customer. The number of personnel making the on-site inspections and the number of trips required is determined by the size, duration and phases of the project. Other topics covered by our cleanroom designers include: international design standards, the economics of cleanroom design, high efficiency air filtration, materials used in cleanroom construction, and the provision of clean gases and water.

The design drawings resulting from this process can also be reviewed and sealed by CAT’s staff professional cleanroom engineers, registered in the particular state the project is in. The drawings are then ready to be submitted to the local building and code authority for approval and permits. CAT stands ready to make the cleanroom design process a success given any cleanroom requirement.

Our cleanroom design experience is broad based including international standards for multi-user/multi-product facilities; medical, pharmaceutical, microbial/cell culture, gene therapy, and health sciences facilities; aseptic filling, medical device, semiconductor, electronic, optics, military/aerospace, and manufacturing cleanrooms.

Cleanroom Engineering

Clean Air Technology Inc. is a design and build cleanroom manufacturer and construction contractor. We provide design services, evaluations, expansions and upgrades of new or existing cleanrooms. Our company specializes in the engineering of mechanical / HVAC, ductwork, piping, insulation and controls. Staff cleanroom engineers can provide reviewed and sealed P.E. plans and specifications for structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines for the particular state that the job-site is located in. CAT's cleanroom engineering support is a crucial step to ensure that any cleanroom project is built to attain the highest cost/value ratio.

Cleanroom Consulting

CAT’s stand alone or integrated cleanroom consultant services are offered drawing with proven experience in the cleanroom design and construction and BSL bio-safety/bio-containment facilities. Our team of cleanroom consultants will advise in evaluation and recommendations for short range, medium term and long-term design objectives and improvements. Some aspects of our cleanroom consulting services include:
  • Document Review Of Plans And Specifications Helping To Correct Errors During Cleanroom Design And Engineering Before Its Actual Construction

  • Building Commissioning Services To Ensure That The Facility Is Functioning As It Was Intended In The Cleanroom Design Phase And Initial Requirements. providing full consultation service as:

Clean Rooms

Upgrades and Modifications as a Cleanroom Contractor

Evaluation, design and/or upgrades to an existing cleanroom design can also be provided on a contract basis, direct to your company, or as a sub-contractor to your architectural and engineering firm or general contractor. This service is available when the A & E firm is responsible for the building fit-out or for the complete building and the cleanroom is part of this contract. Further,  manufacture, supply, and install all components necessary for the complete turn-key cleanroom construction or, in the case of upgrade modifications – repair, replace, and install all required cleanroom components in place of the original equipment. This focus will help ensure its passage in the cleanroom audit and certification phases.