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Airborne Isolation Rooms:

Designed to contain airborne pathogens (e.g., tuberculosis, COVID19-), these rooms have a high level of ventilation control and air filtration.
Used for patients with infections that can be transmitted by direct or indirect contact (e.g., MRSA), these rooms emphasize strict hygiene and disinfection measures
For patients with diseases transmitted through respiratory droplets (e.g., influenza), these rooms have measures to prevent the spread of respiratory secretions.

Negative Air Pressure:

Isolation rooms are often equipped with ventilation systems that maintain negative air pressure. This means that air is constantly being drawn into the room, preventing potentially contaminated air from escaping into other areas of the building
Project Showcase:
Isolation Rooms for Egypt Air Hospital
At EIC Systems, we take pride in delivering healthcare infrastructure solutions that make a difference. We are excited to share our latest success story: the completion of an isolation room project for Egypt Air Hospital.
The Challenge:
Egypt Air Hospital required top-notch isolation rooms to safeguard the health and well-being of patients, healthcare staff, and visitors, especially in times of heightened infection control concerns.
Our Solution:
Leveraging our expertise in healthcare facility design, we crafted a tailored solution featuring advanced technologies and meticulous planning.
Negative Air Pressure:
Our ventilation systems ensure a controlled environment, effectively containing airborne pathogens.
Temperature & Humidity Control:
Patients’ comfort and recovery are paramount. Our rooms maintain optimal conditions for healing.

The Outcome:

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Egypt Air Project- Isolation Room