Food processing cleanrooms

Clean Rooms

Food processing cleanrooms

Food processing cleanrooms are specialized environments designed to maintain strict cleanliness and hygiene standards during the production and packaging of food products. These cleanrooms are critical for ensuring the safety and quality of food items, especially in industries that involve sensitive or perishable products like pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and medical devices.

Contamination Control

Air passes vertically down through the cleanroom and exits through a space at the bottom perimeter of the curtain walls. Softwall cleanrooms may require air conditioning to be ducted from your building’s HVAC system or separate supplementary air conditioning can be provided.

Air Quality

The cleanroom should have a controlled ventilation system to maintain a specific air cleanliness class. Filtration systems are used to remove particles, and the air pressure within the cleanroom should be higher than that in surrounding areas to prevent outside contaminants from entering.

Monitoring and Testing

Regular monitoring and testing of the cleanroom environment for contaminants, temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters are necessary to ensure compliance and safety.


Separation of different processing areas, such as raw material handling, food cooking, and packaging, to avoid cross-contamination

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