Standard Negative Isolation room

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Standard Negative Isolation room

Emerging infectious diseases are tagged as of considerable concern, Corona tops the natural hazards matrix of the world risk register
EIC Solution are minimizing microbial load to the lowest level that maximize patient’s recovery and decrease spreading diseases
We are currently in a position to respond with urgency to the pressing need for hospital quarantine isolation rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on superior UV-C technology to kill virus and bacteria plus HEPA filters for complete airborne control.
controlling the airflow in the room so that the number of airborne infectious particles is reduced to a level that ensures cross-infection of other people within a healthcare facility is highly improbable.
Isolation room
a higher rate of air exchange per hour, typically a minimum of 12 air changes per hour. An increased airflow is necessary to limit the quantity of infectious particles.

EIC can be equipped with a negative and/or positive pressure adaptor kit in order to create isolation rooms or protective environments with negative / positive air pressure.
The anteroom is a preparation and control area for the transfer of supplies, equipment and persons. It is also a barrier against the potential loss of pressurization. It is also where people can gown properly prior to entering or exiting the isolated contaminated area. ​

Monitoring internal conditions and keeping balance through ΔP gauge pressure and BMS sensor assuring full continuous control.
The presence of Airogiene device inside the room assure full control of patient’s breath contaminated air that will be treated rapidly, the unique design secure medical staff by following movement directions provided through aerodynamic mechanism, our triple integrated technologies combining of UVGI, HEPA and Aerodynamic techniques to achieve the highest world standards.

EIC design keeps negative room pressure to prevent cross-contamination from room to room, to allow air to flow into the isolation room but not way out the room.

Our smooth modular walls, doors and windows are resistant to repeat cleaning and the use of several chemicals. They also specifically designed for sterile environments.
Exhaust air treating unit is essential for community responsibility to prevent spreading isolated infection outside the room. ​

Key features and options

  • Turnkey fully pre-assembled. Minimal work on site.

  • Utilities fixed within the wall.

  • Alarm to be activated on loss differential pressure.

  • Self-closing and interlock doors.

  • Ensuite with shower, hands-free wash station and toilet.

  • Clinical hand wash station with hands-free operation.

  • 100% intake of fresh air (no recirculating air).

  • HEPA filtered exhaust air.

  • Supply air ducts independent from the building air supply.

  • HEPA filtration system to protect immunodeficient patients.